Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Update

I gave Scarlett an initial layer of color to her mane, tail and feathers.

This SM is coming along pretty well. I still need to work on her dapples.
I'm toning down the orange on this Pixie.
The dapples won't be as regimented on this Shire once I get into more detail, I'm still trying to establish the overall values and am still being very loose with my brushwork and patterning.
My photos were coming out blue today. This SM is not as blue as she looks. After I started doing this model, I started thinking that ASBs don't come in roan, but I looked it up and they do (but apparently they're rare).
I just started on this Dinky Duke. I love this mold, I have one of my own that was painted by Chris Jolly and he is gorgeous! This one will be another gray. It seems like I'm doing a lot of grays.

That's it for this week. I may have to go out and get another combination lamp this week. My hubby has decided it's not worth the effort or expense to try to fit a new switch on the broken one, since he can't get the exact matching part. I called the manufacturer, but they have to have the model number of the lamp, which of course I threw out with the assembly instructions. All the lamps now advertised in the art supply stores are made by a different manufacturer.

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