Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I've been slowly working some more on the PAS. I finally broke down and blew up a tracing of the reference photo I'm using for the pose, so that I could block in the basic shape. I'm terrible at measuring and the proportions always come out wrong.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SM Arab

I've just started painting this one. I spent a little time fixing the legs and other minor problems on this mold, these old SM molds can be horrible to prep. They're usually warped and the casting isn't very good.

He will be a chestnut tobiano when I'm done. He will probably be somewhat darker, too, though I actually kind of like this bright chestnut with the pattern I'm going to use.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Breyer Shire

I finally finished up the Breyer Shire mare that I've been working on for years, literally. It took me forever to do the custom work on her (face, mane/tail/feathers, moved head and leg). She is painted in oils, too, which also took a long time. I don't know how others can work so quickly with oils, it takes me a long time, even if I use a drying medium. Maybe it's just the way I work, by building up layers and doing a lot of glazing. Also, at one point I accidentally got powder all over her when I was holding her with latex powdered gloves, and somehow it settled in to the paint and I couldn't wash it off, so I basically had to repaint her. I'm so glad she's finally done!

Since it takes me so long to do any customizing, I only do one custom piece at a time while I work on other finishwork. Next up will be the PAS monstrosity, which is going to be a very difficult challenge indeed.