Thursday, May 9, 2013

Progress Update

Just a few progress shots this week. Here's the Little Lonestar with his pattern blocked in. He probably looks like he's close to being done, but I would say he's probably about 50%.

Dante is still in his ugly phase. I don't like looking at primered surfaces so I had to put some color on his legs and mane/tail. He has a lot of deep crevices on his underside and all around his head and mane and tail, so I have to make sure that I get paint into all those areas before I move forward.

And here's a Tiny that I recently started. I thought of doing something really fancy with him, but this was the color that popped into my mind, and I happened to have some good photos of a couple of Gypsy horses that I took at a show a few years ago, so I'm using that for the pattern.

That's all for this week! I've been looking through some of my own photo references, and I found a really cool appaloosa that I'm going to want to try on a traditional size piece. I'm not sure what mold to use, though. The pattern is kind of a semi-leopard, and the horse looks more hunter-like. He has a long, braided tail and braided mane. I thought of Valor or Vixen right away, but if anyone has any suggestions for something like this, I'd love to hear it!