Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some Yellow Ochres

I got a couple of new neutral yellows so thought I'd do a little comparison. They really vary from one manufacturer to the next.

W & N yellow ochre seems to be the most neutral, it makes a nice tint and I use it a lot. I like the consistency of it, too.

Rembrandt yellow ochre is new for me, I was surprised at how yellow it was, but it confirmed my thoughts that Rembrandt's colors tend to be kind of garish, in my opinion. It's nice and buttery but has a lot of oil in it, and is somewhat transparent with low tinting strength.

Old Holland Mars Yellow is pretty yellow, too, it's actually more yellow than it looks in this photo. It's opaque and dries fairly quickly, which would make it useful for base coats. I don't like the consistency of it, very stiff.

W & N Raw Sienna is another neutral yellow that I use a lot, especially in mixes with white. I use it a lot in hoof colors. It looks slightly greenish out of the tube, so I wouldn't mix it with any blue-ish color like ivory black or payne's gray because you might get a green color.

Old Holland Gold Ochre is another really stiff paint, and it's pretty yellow. It makes nice subtle mixes, though, so I like it. I use it often in combination with raw sienna and burnt sienna.

I got the Schmincke Norma Gold Ochre to compare it to Old Holland. What a difference! They're like two different colors. The Schmincke is a burnt yellow, closer to Raw Sienna. It makes a very pretty toasty color when mixed with white. I'm still getting used to the color of this one but I do like it. I have been very impressed with the quality of Schmincke Norma paints. They have a great consistency, not too stiff but not oily, and the colors are very rich. The downside is that they're expensive and the tube is only 35ml, compared to 37ml for W & N and 40ml for Rembrandt.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hank is coming along pretty well. I'm working ont the whites right now.
Here's Sushi after I've added a little pastel and some acrylic work to her roaning. I've started on her stockings, too. She has a big belly spot, I'll get a picture of that sometime.
Dafydd has had some refinement to his color and dapples, and I've started adding markings.
Turko is still in early stages, He's going have dappling on his hindquarters and shoulders.
That's all for this week!