Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Dante is moving along, I've got a few layers of paint on him and have just started to map in some of the white areas on his blanket, as well as hinting at some of the darker spots. I love the attitude on this guy!

I'm pretty positive that I will have final photos of the Little Lonestar by next week, I'm putting final details on him. I'm really happy with his pattern and color and hope his owner will be, too. I got set back a week because I needed to spray him but it was uncharacteristically muggy out here for several days. Now that the weather is nice I'm back in business with him.

That's all I've got to show this week. My production has slowed dramatically because I'm looking for a job, but I am still able to work on at least a couple of horses most days. 

Oh, and I forgot about the bay Oliver that I painted as a commission - he won his championship class at NAN in Trad/CL Stallion/Colt! 
I think it was my first workmanship win at NAN so I was thrilled to hear about that. Congrats to Erin Corbett, his owner!