Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is It Over Already?

Wow, this winter went by really fast! I can't believe it's already the new year. Hope everyone has a great and safe New Year's Eve!

Here is the finished Valdemar. He might have some white specks on the points, I kept brushing them off but he seemed to be a magnet for them today.

I haven't had much time to work on these little foals. They will both be pintos. I plan on selling them as a pair.

This is the Apple Techie that is going to be a buckskin blanket appaloosa. I haven't worked on him much, either, but he's almost next in line to get more attention.

I have a couple of other things I can post, but I think I'll wait until next week. I've been prepping a couple of models and putting finishing touches on another, and some more body painting that I won't bore you with. I thought I was ready to finish up the Bitty Bosco, but I ended up putting another layer of paint on his body, so pictures of him will have to wait.

Since it's the start of a new year, I've been thinking over goals or things I'd like to accomplish in 2010. I'm setting small goals for myself this time, just to focus more (not distract myself by petting the cats, changing the radio station, etc. -- all those little minutes add up!) and I'd like to improve small things like hooves, eyes, all the little details, etc. I would also like to paint more appys and dapple greys if I can do it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly Update

I've given Swaps a couple more layers of paint. I will probably need to do a couple more layers on the body before I can proceed with the rest of him.

This Fenwick is going to be a chestnut sabino (rabicano?) with flaxen mane and tail, almost a dark palomino. I'm not sure how sabino and rabicano actually interact, but that's my guess based on the reference photo I'm using for the pattern. I almost made him a dapple grey, but changed my mind. Now that I'm saying "him", I think this is a female lol! I didn't even notice and I was painting the underside today...sometimes I can be a total space...

I haven't done any customizing in a while, so for this Jezebel I decided to play with her tail a little. I wanted to keep the same style that Sarah Rose used in her sculpture, but make the tail a little shorter. I'm not done with it yet, that's why it looks so rough.

And that's it for this week! The Valdemar is pretty much done, but I forgot to take his picture with this batch, so maybe next week. I've worked quite a bit on Rosita, but unfortunately her photo didn't look much different from last week's, so I didn't include her here. And of course there are several other things that weren't deemed photo-worthy this week.

I hope everybody has a great Christmas and New Year (or whatever other holiday you may celebrate at this time)!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weekly Update

This commission piece is coming along pretty well. As you can see she's no longer a chestnut. I'd say she's about half-finished right now.

This Swaps has had a couple of layers of airbrushed paint, and one layer of oils. I was hoping I'd get to work on him again today, but I still felt a wet spot so I have to wait. I got a couple of spatters of paint on him but I will get rid of that as I progress.

Here is that Huck Bey that I finished. I have posted him on Blab already so some of you may have seen him already. He's on eBay until Sunday, Dec. 13th.

With the holiday season upon us, time is kind of tight for me in the studio, so I might not have anything to post next week or the week after. I will still be working but not as many hours. Hope you all have a great holiday and I hope you're staying warm, seems like it's going to be an extra-stormy season all across the states :-0

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Group Shot

I'm lazy today and didn't feel like setting up my photo table, so I just took this group shot. These are some of the pieces that I'm actively working on. The Huck Bey is almost finished, and the Valdemar is close. I know that a lot of people work in batches of colors, or do all their customizing at once, but I do everything in a certain order. I keep a file of each horse, and start with commissions, then work down my list. It probably slows me down a lot, but it also keeps me interested because I usually have a variety of different things I can work on. Plus I like each piece to be unique and don't usually use the same base colors for each piece, I always like to mix it up!