Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly Update

I've given Swaps a couple more layers of paint. I will probably need to do a couple more layers on the body before I can proceed with the rest of him.

This Fenwick is going to be a chestnut sabino (rabicano?) with flaxen mane and tail, almost a dark palomino. I'm not sure how sabino and rabicano actually interact, but that's my guess based on the reference photo I'm using for the pattern. I almost made him a dapple grey, but changed my mind. Now that I'm saying "him", I think this is a female lol! I didn't even notice and I was painting the underside today...sometimes I can be a total space...

I haven't done any customizing in a while, so for this Jezebel I decided to play with her tail a little. I wanted to keep the same style that Sarah Rose used in her sculpture, but make the tail a little shorter. I'm not done with it yet, that's why it looks so rough.

And that's it for this week! The Valdemar is pretty much done, but I forgot to take his picture with this batch, so maybe next week. I've worked quite a bit on Rosita, but unfortunately her photo didn't look much different from last week's, so I didn't include her here. And of course there are several other things that weren't deemed photo-worthy this week.

I hope everybody has a great Christmas and New Year (or whatever other holiday you may celebrate at this time)!


Erin said...

That fenwick is going to be amazing! Is he a sales piece? *hopeshopeshopes*

Carol H. said...

I think he will be :-)