Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Weekly Update

This commission piece is coming along pretty well. As you can see she's no longer a chestnut. I'd say she's about half-finished right now.

This Swaps has had a couple of layers of airbrushed paint, and one layer of oils. I was hoping I'd get to work on him again today, but I still felt a wet spot so I have to wait. I got a couple of spatters of paint on him but I will get rid of that as I progress.

Here is that Huck Bey that I finished. I have posted him on Blab already so some of you may have seen him already. He's on eBay until Sunday, Dec. 13th.

With the holiday season upon us, time is kind of tight for me in the studio, so I might not have anything to post next week or the week after. I will still be working but not as many hours. Hope you all have a great holiday and I hope you're staying warm, seems like it's going to be an extra-stormy season all across the states :-0


Becky Turner said...

hey! haven't talked to you in awhile hope your doing good! I love that huck! wow he turned out alot nicer than I thought he would! . not that I didn't like the paint work .. I lOVE your paintwork! I just wasn't sure on the color but wow.. sometimes thats a hard color to pull off.. you did a beautiful job of it though! and I love that draft foal!! wish I could get one of them resins myself.. or even sculpt one myself.. no time though..I have way to many ideas to sculpt! am bogged down right now with lots of remakes now ..and a special christmas or holiday pice Im working on and hoping i get it done in time to send some out before christmas! not sure Ill be selling them yet.. I may use them for gifts only.. dont know.. I guess it depends on how my sales are oh! and I have this cool new remake Im painting right now.. I cant wait to show you..I'll post it on my blog.. Im putting some color on it now.. its a dark dapple buckskin... so if you see one that color on my blog you will know its the one Im talking cant wait to show everyone.. it was fun to do to! and turned out alot better than i had expected it would.. I like it so much Im going to do more of them.. ( you will understand when you see I will post it is soon as its done.. soon! happy holidays!!!
Rebecca Turner

Carol H. said...

Nice to hear from you, Becky! I'll keep my eyes open for the dappled buckskin :-) Hope your dog is doing okay, btw!