Thursday, August 23, 2012


Here's where I'm at with the little Lonestar right now. I can't believe how quickly he's going. I probably shouldn't say that because I'm sure I'll find something wrong or get stuck on itty-bitty details and then it will be another 3 months.
I was able to get a cord for the video recorder and tried taping the way that I do dapples, but I haven't had time to even look at the footage. I'm not sure any of it will be useful because I kept lifting my hand up so that the horse was off the screen. Plus I have the door open and a couple of planes flew by, so the sound is probably terrible. I'm not sure what interest there is in something like this, so I will probably just put a minute or so up on this blog with a little explanation. I don't think anyone would want to paint like me since it takes ages, but I always like to see how others paint, to see if I can pick up a technique that might work for me. I might do several tiny video installments.

That's it for this week!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Technical Troubles

Well, my cheap old tripod finally bit the dust, so here are a couple of hand-held shots of the Little Lonestar I'm working on. I'm thrilled that he's coming along so quickly, especially for an appy that usually takes ages for me to paint. He still has a ways to go but the pattern and roaning is really progressing smoothly.

I've got a new tripod on order so hopefully I'll get it in the next week or so. I thought the head was removable on my old one, so I ordered just the legs, but then I found out that the head wouldn't come off the old one, so had to order a head today. I'm worried that the quick release mechanism on the new head will not be compatible with the old plates that I've got. It's very hard to figure out what is what, especially because all the plates I've got don't have a model number on them. I guess I'll find out when it arrives...

Also, I was going to make a little video showing how I paint dapples, using the Smytten as a model, but I ran into more technical trouble. My ancient DV recorder didn't have a cord that will plug into my laptop. It's been that long since I've used the recorder. So I had to order a new cord for that. I'll wait until I can't use the dv recorder anymore before I get another one of those ;-) I know my camera can record some video, too, so I guess I should read the manual pretty soon.