Thursday, August 23, 2012


Here's where I'm at with the little Lonestar right now. I can't believe how quickly he's going. I probably shouldn't say that because I'm sure I'll find something wrong or get stuck on itty-bitty details and then it will be another 3 months.
I was able to get a cord for the video recorder and tried taping the way that I do dapples, but I haven't had time to even look at the footage. I'm not sure any of it will be useful because I kept lifting my hand up so that the horse was off the screen. Plus I have the door open and a couple of planes flew by, so the sound is probably terrible. I'm not sure what interest there is in something like this, so I will probably just put a minute or so up on this blog with a little explanation. I don't think anyone would want to paint like me since it takes ages, but I always like to see how others paint, to see if I can pick up a technique that might work for me. I might do several tiny video installments.

That's it for this week!

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KarenBeeson said...

Carol, I would love to see how you do dapples. I agree that it is always helpful to see how other artists work. Sometimes it is a big "ah-ha" moment, and other times you find a small idea that helps, but it always gives you new ideas and inspirations. I have been thinking of doing some little videos of that nature myself. Beautiful work, as always!