Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Breyer Shire

I finally finished up the Breyer Shire mare that I've been working on for years, literally. It took me forever to do the custom work on her (face, mane/tail/feathers, moved head and leg). She is painted in oils, too, which also took a long time. I don't know how others can work so quickly with oils, it takes me a long time, even if I use a drying medium. Maybe it's just the way I work, by building up layers and doing a lot of glazing. Also, at one point I accidentally got powder all over her when I was holding her with latex powdered gloves, and somehow it settled in to the paint and I couldn't wash it off, so I basically had to repaint her. I'm so glad she's finally done!

Since it takes me so long to do any customizing, I only do one custom piece at a time while I work on other finishwork. Next up will be the PAS monstrosity, which is going to be a very difficult challenge indeed.


FeeshyVal said...

very realistic...a lovely lady~

Ysabel said...

That's amazing! I'm only 12, so I could never do anything so stunning! Besides, I don't customize, but I collect. Most of my models are classics.