Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I don't know what is up with Blogger today, but all of my pictures uploaded backwards, so they're in the opposite order that I'm working on them. The SM above is resting so I can spray her soon and go in with some colored pencils.

This ASB is going to be a roan. This is the first airbrushed coat.

This shire will be a dapple gray.
I'm calling this Pixie "Tang" right now. 

The Scarlett Gypsy is looking way too yellow for me at this point, I will have to tone her down a little.

That's it for now. I also have a Classic Arab Foal and a SM Seabiscuit that I've started on, and I'll be starting on a mini-Caprice soon, also.

I'm really frustrated this morning because my favorite lamp is broken. I have one of those "heavy-duty" combination lamps that has a fluorescent light and an incandescent light together. It's my favorite lamp, I love it way better than the Ott Lite or any other lamp I've seen, it seems to have the most neutral color to me. Anyway, it kept blinking and making little noises, and this morning my husband took it apart and the switch is all corroded. I'm going to call the manufacturer, but I have a feeling that the parts, if available, will make it not worth the while. Argh! It only lasted about 3 years. 

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