Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lots of Updates

I've been painting away in the studio. Here is the NAN donation, I have toned down the yellow quite a bit

It's funny, the Classic Arab Foal used to be my least favorite model when I was a kid, but now I think it's adorable. I wasn't sure what sex this model was supposed to be, so I made it into a colt. He will be bay.

This Seabiscuit will be a buckskin overo of some sort.

I cringe at showing this Shire, he's really in the ugly stage right now. The dapples will not remain like that, I was just covering space with an appropriate tone.

I also worked on Tang, the Pixie model, but I forgot to take pictures of that one. Still working on the roan ASB, and may be able to start the mini-Caprice and a dinky Duke this week.

I don't know if anyone is interested, but I also paint still life paintings and recently finished one, I thought you might like to see it:


elf said...

*SWOON* That Shire... GAH! I WANT! Lol. Too bad I've sworn off buying for at least a few months aside from paying for commissions. *Whine*

Carol H. said...

LOL! It may take me that long to finish him!

Becky Turner said...

WOW!!! Carol that painting is beautiful! I didn't know you also painted flat work but I should have known.. and glass can be hard to do.. is that oils? or watercolor? I also paint but I never have time anymore! when you come over someday you can see my other work... I dont have alot here but I do have a few old ones around and a illustration board sitting here with the beginning sketch for a painting I really want to do and then enter in a contest of some type.. I miss painting but my 1st love really is sculpture..I think im better at it than painting but you.. my god! I hope you enter contests and stuff. you could win!..Im very impressed.. also I love the foal! so cute.. its one of my favorites too..I have a few here I plan on doing something to.. probley just carve more detail on andput new manes and tails on.. and paint in oils I think.. you have inspired me! .. hey its getting pretty again finally out here and were going to be having a trainer come out to ride for us 5 days a week to get them all tuned up and ready for trails... we have been lunging them every day.. well most of em.. lol... so she will be riding my mare and the new appy we got ..the anyone can ride one.....do you ride? if so maybe in a few months you can come out and ride with us! call me sometime.. ( email me for my number if I didn't give it to you) I cant wait to see the foal done.. the rest too ..I love your work.. Im gong to have to get something painted by you someday...
Rebecca Turner

Carol H. said...

Thanks! The painting is done in oils, took me about a month. I have really been working hard on my oil painting, but at the expense of any sculpting. I'm definitely more of a painter than a sculptor in every way :-)

I used to ride when I was a kid, the last time I rode was about three years ago when I visited my cousin and rode her little Arab mare (she's only about 14.1 hands high!) That would be awesome to go riding with you, as long as we don't go too fast LOL! I still have my helmet from the old days, too ;-)

Erin said...

Carol, I LOVE that CAF! If the planets align correctly when you have him done and (hopefully!) for sale, I hope I can try for him! I have more than twenty of him in his OF version - my only "conga". I'm surprised I don't have any customs yet!

PS - my Hazel by you cleaned up this weekend, pictures coming tomorrow! She's NAN qualified now in halter, workmanship, western and english! :-D