Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NAN Donation

Here is the beginning of my NAN donation. I airbrushed this tan color over her. Today I'll spray it to fix it, then I'll start with some oils. I'm feeling a little weird right now because I saw another Scarlett Gypsy recently that is a similar color to what I have planned. I hope that artist doesn't think I "stole" her idea! Of course, my color will be somewhat different regardless, and the pattern will be different, also, and I like what I've come up with, so I'm not going to change it.

I also worked some more on this SM. I still have a ways to go with her. I enjoy experimenting with ways to make dapples. I used a little bit of pastel pencil with this one, but I still don't like that medium. So far I prefer acrylics or oils for my dapple greys, with some colored pencil thrown in.

I did have the Breyer semi-rearing stallion on eBay, but he didn't meet his reserve, so he's on MH$P right now. I really struggle to set a price for my work; I guess I was way off with this one? I don't know. The price for him was a little bit more than what I would charge for a commission, and I tried to base it on the amount of work and detail/overall quality of the piece, and what other cm work is priced at. I actually think that I tend to undervalue my work, but I thought this was a fair price and in line with what others are charging. I know the economy is terrible right now, too, and maybe it's an unpopular mold, and my production is so low that a lot of people haven't seen my work in person, so that all factors in. I think I have developed a sufficiently thick skin as far as my flat artwork not selling, but I still haven't detached my emotions from my model horse finishwork yet, so I have to admit it stung a little when it didn't sell. I'll get over it though ;-) Hope springs eternal! There's always another model to paint :-)

On a more personal note, I was thinking of volunteering at NAN, but now I doubt if I will be going. I live on my husband's salary, and they have raised the prices on his health insurance by a lot, I'm not sure exactly how bad it's going to be until we get his next paycheck, but I may have to look for a part-time job pretty soon just to pay our bills. His hours have also been dwindling, and he was told that his company is not in good condition (it's the auto industry), so I'm waiting for layoffs as the next step. I'm experiencing a lot of anxiety because of this, and we've cut back on all of our spending, so it doesn't seem like a good idea for me to be going to NAN at this point. I might change my mind, but it's not looking too good...:-(


Becky Turner said...

Oh Carol, ;>D I love the appy semi rearing breyer you did! you know I never really cared alot for that mold but after watching you paint it.. I want to try painting one for myself! I like it now! with a little bit of work on him.. he is really nice! Id buy him if I could afford to buy anything.. But I know how you feel. I have had one or two not sell and you kind of feel a little dejected ..like huh?.. am I not as good as I thought it was? am I really crappy and don't know it? or? lol.. at least its what I think about me when it happens.. BUt I think it is really beautiful and just ...wow.... so dont feel bad.. your work IS GOOD! its just the market right now.. I sucks ... I was hoping it was picking up a tiny but.. I think maybe some people just got their tax money back is all.. I hope it picks up soon.. Its really hard for me.. I mean this is all I do! sigh..so hang in there.. maybe try and do some faster lower cost paint jobs to make some money instead of getting a part time job? or take more commissions? I know I have plenty of work..I just work to slow is my problem.. I think people are getting their nakeds painted and not buying so much .. so it will get better eventually... good luck on getting the money for him..I think he is worth every penny.. .. in fact you have inspired me so much I may just try a go at oils again on at least one pice Im working on.. so thanks for that! Oh and yea..I may not be gong to nan either.. dam and its so close for us too! but its partly money and partly dental work I may not be done with yet and I sure cant go with no top teeth! lol so you can always come over and we can have our own min show right here! rolf.. really though.. come on over anytime.. we can talk art and horses.
Rebecca Turner

Carol H. said...

LOL! Your comments made me laugh, Becky! I'm sure I've got a few more "unsaleable" items coming down the pike, so I better get used to it :-/ I still have a few more Breyers to work on, and a couple of resins that don't seem to be too popular. It's all a learning experience, I guess.

I do plan on making it up to your house one of these days! I feel so bad when I don't take people up on their offers to visit.