Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Update

I've started adding some detail to the face of this Scarlett (the NAN donation). I do plan on making her a pinto, so I think I'm going to let her dry for a few days and then start on that pattern.

Tang is also going to be a tobiano, I just need to work on her mane a little more and then I will start on her pattern, too.

This little gal is coming along smoothly. 

The CAF is also going smoothly. I had to tone down the pangare at one point because it seemed very yellow.

I added more white to the shire, so much more work to go on this guy. It's pretty daunting!

This seabiscuit is going to be a light buckskin overo, I haven't gotten much into him yet.

I just started this mini Caprice. My aim is to make him a golden dappled bay with a really dark topline and forehand. Not sure if I can pull this off.

Right now this Huck looks just hideous to me, so bad that I can barely stand to look at him. I plan on painting him a liver chestnut (at least, what a liver chestnut means to me, which is dark brown) with a red mane and tail, but right now I'm not sure if I can do it. This is just the first layer of paint, so I shouldn't worry too much, but there is just so much that is off on the color right now that he may go in the strip bucket soon. 


Erin said...

I adore these update posts! It's so neat to see them coming along. I adore that CAF!!

Alicia Vogel said...

Everything looks like it's moving along smoothly! I love the muzzle on the NAN donation piece.

I actually like where the huck is going, but I think he's wanting to be a dark red chestnut instead of a liver. So he's probably fighting you. Sometimes that paint a model with the intention of going one direction and it insists on another.

Becky Turner said...

I love them! they are all looking really good! I have a purple..( yes you heard aol like hte one your workign on there..maybe Ill paint her too! you have inspired me to try oils again.. so I did and am so excited now! I have one of katajs historic horses to paint for her and I am doing it in oils.. he is a blue roan and wow.. I love the look Im getting as does she.. so heck why not the foal too! would be fun. besides she /he? is not happy being purple and no I didn't paint it that was given to me by a friend.. so cant wait t see the next in progress post! oh what are you using ? just straight oils? Im using some liquin to speed up drying but would love to hear others techniques.
Rebecca Turner

Carol H. said...

I would love to see the roan; I loved your little appy from last week. I think you posted it on your blog? I can't remember where my information comes from anymore lol!

I've been using something called Weber Rapid-Dry medium for the lower layers of paint (it's really liquidy so I don't use a lot of it), that dries things very quickly, and then switch to Weber Liquiglaze (which is the same thing as Liquin, I think). I know, I like to know what everyone else uses too. I still wait a couple of days (or more) after painting a layer with the Liquiglaze, because I've had paint lift off from not being dry enough. I also like Daniel Smith Painting Medium (not the classic, but the alkyd-style). It comes in a tube.