Monday, May 11, 2009


This sm is getting subtle details added, so it doesn't look like I've done much to her. This is one of those types of dappling that makes me want to keep picking at it forever.
This foal had a couple of hairs in her so I had to sand her before adding another coat. Still has quite a way to go.
This sm is proving difficult. It's a hard color for me to begin with, and the color is so light that I don't see a big change with each layer. I added the dark markings now jut to make it easier on my own eyes.

I'm excited about this dinky Duke. I still have to work on the other side.

I'm also excited about this mini-Caprice, I think he's going to look really good in this color.

And finally, the Huck, who is beginning to look a little better to me now. I think my problem was that the rust color of the primer was showing through, but now that I've got another layer on it, it's not so bad.
This week I'm going to have to work really hard on that NAN donation to get it done. Thankfully, it was nice yesterday so I sprayed her with fixative, and I will start on her pattern and details today. So I may not get much done on the other models.
I did switch my web host, and I think everything's going smoothly. I believe I'm waiting for the final something to happen before it's completely switched over, they said 7-9 days. So far so good.


Erin said...

I just love these update posts, Carol! It's really interesting to see each piece progressing.

Carol H. said...

Thanks, Erin! I love reading everyone else's blogs, too, they seem to have a personal touch and it's interesting to see how everyone goes about it in a slightly different way.