Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekly Update

My hot water heater broke last week, but I still managed to get some work done. Today is a little iffy, because I'm waiting for the permit inspector. I'm pretty nervous because we have had a bad experience with a previous inspector. I hope it's not the same one this time!

Blogger has been acting up on me today, but I think this post will go through. Okay, on to the pictures:
Vixen is getting some roaning done to her. I used a combination of reference photos, one was a darker buckskin dun, and the other was much lighter, almost like a red dun color. I will probably put some red in her mane and tail.

I worked on Finn's legs, and added a little color to the mane and tail to see what adjustments I'll need to make. I am finding that light bay or chestnut colors are the hardest to get right. I can't just paint a couple of layers, I have to adjust the color, glaze, and generally fiddle with it for ages before I get it the way I want.
Here is a Lajjina that I've started. This is a simple airbrush coat to look for imperfections.

Here's Ravenhill from the other side. I worked on his legs, underside and tail a bit. In the next couple of days I hope to do some work on his face. He's going to be an appaloosa, but I want to get his base color right. I toyed with the idea of painting his blanket in oils along with the base color, but I like the way the base color spots and shading show through on a blanket pattern appy.

Daffyd got some work done on his legs and mane/tail, and I'm waiting for Bitty Bosco to dry so I can spray him and gloss his eyes. I think he looks fabulous in grullo.

That's it for this week!


Becky Turner said...

they are looking good! loving the roans.. you have to tell me how your doing the roaning? I havent done one yet but have one I need to start on adn I love the look yours have! so.. pencils? tiny brush? what? come on.. share the secret.. I just love your work carol! hope you get hot water again soon...
Becky Turner

Carol H. said...

No secrets from me! I hate when artists are stingy with information, it's not like this is easy to begin with lol!

I use pencils for the roaning, just plain old Prismacolor that I try to keep really sharp. I use lots of coats of it and spray between each coat. Every few coats I'll scumble on some watered-down acrylic paint with a hog bristle brush. And then I try really hard not to make long strokes, I almost try to stipple it on (with the pencil). Also, I take my time. On that Swaps I was working on, I spent about 27 hours doing just the roaning. On Swaps I used an 18/0 miniature brush and acrylics for one layer, but the rest was with pencils/scumbling. Hope that helps!

The hot water debacle wasn't too bad, the inspector was even nice!

Becky Turner said...

Oh good Im glad you got your water back! I had no idea oyu had ot have an inspector out just for replaying one though! thanks for the info.. thats how I have done roans in the past.. yours just look better than