Thursday, March 25, 2010

I finally started on the pattern for Ravenhill. He still has a long way to go, obviously. I paint the pattern in a brighter white than he will eventually be, just so I can get more covering power. He's got two coats of white on him right now.

I started doing some hoof and leg detailing on Daffyd. I plan to "weatherize" the shoes so they don't look so brightly metallic. I also want to tone down the white markings a little, too.

Lajjina definitely has the uglies right now! I've just got a couple of thin coats of oils on her.

There, I did it! It's pretty sad when I can feel such a sense of accomplishment over something as simple as uploading a couple of pictures and re-arranging them ;-)

I'm getting close to the finish point on the roan Vixen, and have dremelled off most of Jezebel's tail for a third try, and hopefully I can work on a sales piece soon -- I have about 15 resins (and a couple of Breyers) sitting on the shelf waiting for me 8-/


HorseAndPony said...

Your work is beautiful. I love Ravenhill. My daughter and I really enjoy your blog.

Carol H. said...

Thank you! I really enjoy doing this blog, it's fun to see the progression in pictures and helps keep me motivated. It's good to know that other people like to watch, also :-)

elf said...

They both look fantastic Carol! The Ravenhill is going to look stunning when you are finished. I love Appys, is he a commission or a sales piece?

Carol H. said...

Thanks Pat! He is a commission piece. I'm really having fun with both of these!