Wednesday, November 4, 2009


 I am super-duper busy this week, preparing for the yearly art fair that my artists' group puts on, so I've only spent one day in the studio actually painting. I did manage to get a few photos shot of these recent pieces. I thought this Shire was as finished as I was going to get it, but I did see two little tiny area I want to touch up. I was going to paint shoes on him, but then decided against it. This guy will probably go up on eBay sometime next week or so. Here's a close up of some of the dappling. I used photo references that I took of a Percheron at a draft show a couple of years ago, and tried to simulate the graininess that this kind of dappling has.


Here is the adorable little CAF. She will be for sale also, I am planning on offering her at a set price to members of my Yahoo group, so if you're interested in him be sure to join that. This will probably be offered some time next week or the week after, also.

And here is the mini Maj that I recently completed as a commission. It's funny, I have found that a smooth paint job takes almost as much time as light dappling or a simple pinto pattern. The smoothness of the color gradations and overall smoothness of the actual model causes every little flaw to pop out.

I may not have an update here next week, but I will resume again the week after.


Alicia Vogel said...

Looking good. The drafter especially is amazing.

elf said...

Will there be a reserve on the drafter? I really, really want him! Seriously love him.

Carol H. said...

Thanks so much for your comments, ladies! I do plan to put a reserve on the Shire, but I will try to make it very reasonable.

Mel Miller said...

Everything is lovely Carol!

Carol H. said...

Thanks Mel :-)