Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I usually airbrush the first few coats of my finishwork, but I discovered that there's a part missing from my airbrush. I don't know if it fell out while I was cleaning it; I don't remember ever seeing it before but the airbrush is out of commission for a few days. So this is hand-painted. I'm just adding a warm tone here, this model is not going to be chestnut, or even bay.

They braids on this very cute Swaps were sculpted by Tiffany Purdy. She did a really good job, he is just the cutest thing! He came to me already prepped, but I still had to fiddle around with him and do a little extra sanding, etc. because, well, I can't leave things alone ;-)  I should be able to put a base coat on him very soon.

I don't think I've shown this Bitty Bosco in a while. He's one that I work on when I have down time between other projects. He's finally getting there! I gave him very subtle primitive markings (not done yet). I plan on making a base for him, but I will probably make it so that it's removable because he does stand on his own (he's pretty tippy, though).

I have a couple more pieces that I'm putting finishing touches on, and I have been working more on that dapple grey Dinky Duke, but the changes I've made don't show up well on the photo, so I'll wait 'til he's more finished before showing him again. I also have a special model that I'm going to be working on, I'm itching to get started on it, and I'm prepping a Jezebel and a Fenwick, also. I'm not sure what color I'm going to paint either of those, so if anyone has suggestions, I'm open to hearing them!

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