Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I only have a couple of things worth showing this week. I've added some more color to this Bitty Bosco.
I'm starting to add a little more color to this mini-Maj. I'm really excited about how this one is going to look. 
It's hot out here this week and I've noticed that my pieces are not drying very well, especially the ones that have some white in them. I thought the heat would make things dry more quickly, but I guess it's the other way around.
My time may be a little limited in the studio this week because I've been called to jury duty AGAIN. This is the third time! I wish I'd get picked so I can get it over with. At least this time it's at a facility close to my house. I can get some sketching done while I'm there, so I shouldn't gripe about it too much.

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elf said...

Holy COW, they are looking fabulous! I don't know that it's the heat that's the problem, Carol. I think the humidity is making it hard for the paint to dry. Lord knows I'm having a heck of a time staying dry!