Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Argh! Still No Computer

Well, my worst fears were realized, and it turns out it was the logic board on my computer. So I've had to order another computer. I'm still limping along on the old one, but I can't use it for very long before it freaks out. I'm trying not to use it, because I'm hoping to transfer all my files to the new computer, and I don't want to lose access to the hard drive. So no pictures this week, either :-( Having to pay for another computer was a major bummer, too.

I am almost done with the prepwork on a mini-Maj commission (sometimes prepping drags on because I find little things that I missed). I should have at least a basecoat on him this week. I'm almost done with the Pixie, I think she came out really well. I found a couple of spots that I had to touch up in oils, so I'm waiting for that to dry. I will probably have her for sale in a couple of weeks. I also did some more work on the classic Shire in dapple grey, the Huck Bey (whose color I actually like now!) and that SM Seabiscuit in light buckskin. I made a big mistake on him, so I'm having to backtrack there.

Next week I should be all set up with the new computer and can resume living my normal wired life! I miss my computer...

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