Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Show and an Update

Isn't this filly beautiful? I went to a Baroque horse show last weekend (Andalusians, Gypsy Cobs and Friesians) to take some reference pictures. I was hoping to get some dapple greys and possibly buckskins or duns. There weren't too many horses there, but I was really surprised at the number of Friesians. I don't think I've ever seen one in real life, so it was a treat! They are really elegant.  There were 4 or 5 greys (from a young steel grey to an almost white with a darker mane, kind of a mulberry, I guess), one buckskin, and one palomino, so I got some good reference photos. I didn't take a lot of pictures of the Friesians because I wasn't sure how they'd turn out, but my camera's automatic setting seemed to know what it was doing ;-) I completely missed most of the Gypsy Cobs.

On to updates. I've just started a commission, but did manage to get some time in on these models over the last week. I'm doing endless tweaking with this foal. 

I haven't shown much of this mini-Caprice because I couldn't get a decent picture without a lot of shine. I'm happy with him, he has a really glowing look to his coat.

This is just an airbrushed coat on this bitty Bosco. I may make a base for him because he's really tippy.

I've dirtied up this dinky Duke. Still in the very early stages.
I have put the SM TB mare on ebay, I completely screwed up and made the auction end while NAN is still going to be going on? I actually thought NAN was last weekend! I need to pay more attention to these things 8-/  Anyway, I apologize to anybody who wanted to bid on her but will be hampered by showing at NAN, I meant to schedule it around NAN and Breyerfest.
That's all for this week!

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