Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekly Update

I've been doing little refinements to Daffyd, and managed to work on his face last week. He's close to being done now, but I keep picking him up and doing little things. I'll have to stop that if I want him to be dry in time to ship him for NAN. I haven't glossed his eyes or anything yet.

Ravenhill has been getting a lot of attention. I'm fiddling a lot with the blanket right now. It's hard to get just the right color for the mane and tail. I don't want it to warm or too cool.

I've been working all over on Finn, just refining the color and working on his feathers and mane/tail. He's tacky now and rather shiny. I will probably let him sit pretty soon so I can spray him and see what he looks like dulled.

I have to let Lajjina sit now, too. I'm still just building up thin layers of color and experimenting with her tail color. She is a slow drier! She's got some blobby-looking dapples that I will refine as I go, I just wanted to set down the general area where I thought the dapples should be. The pangare will not be as stark, either.

Fenwick is coming along and I should have a picture of him next week. I'm really happy with the way everything is going right now. It feels like a huge relief when I get close to finishing a piece (Daffyd), too. 


Tracy Eilers said...

Everything is looking awesome, Carol!

HorseAndPony said...

Daffyd is amazing and I am a huge fan of Ravenhill. I love getting your updates.

Lynn A. Fraley said...

What a yummy treat to see all those rich colors develop further. Thanks for sharing Carol!