Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weekly Update

I'm running late this week! Not too much to show, I think I'll wait 'til next week for Ravenhill and Daffyd. In the meantime, here's Lajjina:

I've added some more color to her and put some paint on her legs and face. She still has a really long way to go.

I did some work on Finn's legs and his mane/tail. I shot these photos with a combination of daylight and photo lights, the colors look a little more lurid than they actually are. I like to shoot in the early morning when it's still dark, but now that spring is here I'll have to adjust my lighting setup (or when I take my photos).

I'm putting a lot of time into Ravenhill right now, so the photos may be a little sparse for the next couple of weeks.

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