Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekly Update

I added a layer of oils to this Vixen.

 I just started on this Finn. He's got one layer of airbrush color on him. He actually looks a little more pink than this picture shows. Somehow I always forget that Naples Yellow plus Burnt Sienna equals pink.

 Daffyd has another layer of oils.

I've been adding some details to the Bitty Bosco, but he's not ready for another picture yet, and the dapple grey Dinky Duke has several more layers on him, but I want to add some more detailing before I show another photo.

I plan on starting the roan work on the bay Swaps this week, and have been working on Jezebel's tail a little bit.

That's it for this week!


Joey & Rick said...

I have been blog surfing and really enjoy seeing your creations come to life. I have two horses, both rather rescued. A 4 yr old Quarter horse mare, Lacy... and a yearling, Quarter horse filly, Bella. Do you do personalize horses? What do you charge? You can see my babies at Joey, but I'm a girl... Thanks for honoring these beautiful, magnificent creatures with your art. Keep on!

Carol H. said...

Thanks so much, Joey! I checked out your mare, Lacy--very cute! Her star looks like the apron on my cat's chest lol!

I do take commissions but I'm booked up right now. I have a Yahoo list that you can join for more information, and you can also check out my Policies page at my website ( the information is there. I haven't updated my prices yet for 2010, but that will give you an idea of my price range.

Erin said...

I love that vixen so far! Is she a sales horse, or a commission?

Carol H. said...

Thanks Erin! She is a commission.