Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Running Behind

I was positive that I'd have at least a couple of finished pieces to show this week, but I'm still putting the finishing touches on them. This is due to my paranoia of getting something sticky or lifting paint by rushing the process. I just have to let things dry properly. Plus I had to take a couple of half-days off to take care of some unforeseen personal things that came up.

So hopefully by next week I'll have pictures of the mini-Maj, the mini-Caprice, and maybe the CAF. Prepping on the Rosita is now going along pretty smoothly, I've dealt with most of the pinholes and will be putting a coat of airbrushed color on soon to check for more flaws. I've got another model that's almost prepped, and will have some new in-progress things to show you in the next few weeks.

I'm entering a very busy period for myself concerning my other artwork, so things may move a little slowly in November. I hope you can all bear with me :-)

In the meantime, here's  a photo of my extremely gorgeous cat. I know she's just a garden variety tabby cat, but she's got an awesome personality and a very feminine daintiness about her, and my hubby and I joke that if she were a human, she'd be a supermodel.

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