Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekly Update

I had a really productive week, and several of these models are nearing completion. Here's the Shire I've been working on. I'm planning on painting shoes on him. I got the latest RESS technical bulletin, which has an interesting article about making shoes, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet, so that will have to wait for a future model.

This Seabiscuit has one brown eye and one blue eye. I may need to do a couple of touchups on him.

I've been detailing this foal. I still need to do some more details and touchups on him, too.

Valdemar has gotten a couple more layers of roaning, and I did a quick layer of black points.

I also worked on the Huck Bey and have been prepping the Rosita, as well as doing some more detail work on the mini-Maj.


elf said...

The Clyde is dreamy! The little Valdemar is interesting as well, I love the roaning on him.

Erin said...

Carol, I am SO in love with that classic arab foal!