Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holey Moley!

I thought my photo lights were looking a little dim, and today confirmed it when one of them died on me. I have another one in the basement, but I have to go dig it out, so photos will have to wait until next week.

I snapped this photo while sitting on the couch. This is the first Eberl that I've prepped, a very interesting experience. Of course I've heard the horror stories about them, but this one appeared to be fairly clean when I received it. As I started going over the seams, I noticed some pinholes and started filling them, but then I started noticing more pinholes as I went along. They're hard to see. I sprayed a thin layer of gray primer, which actually made the holes hide, so next I sprayed a thin layer of white primer over that, and voila! Pinholes magically appeared! It shouldn't be too difficult to fill most of these holes, but I think I will probably have to fill some more even after I spray the first body coat with the airbrush. The ultra-thin airbrush paint is good at picking up any little flaws I might have missed.

Next week I should have some good photos!


elf said...

I got one of her Trotting Lusitano's and as he was being primed he had a TON of pin holes in his belly and chest. She said something about worrying that she would run out of resin to sand so she put a layer of something on the body than primed and painted. I guess it isn't a problem when Randy casts them.

Alicia Vogel said...

I hate it when I think I'm done prepping and then (post-primer) *bam* seams come out of the woodwork!