Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm only working part time in the studio this week, due to several meetings and appointments that all seemed to land at the same time, argh! That hardly ever happens. I don't have much to show, either. I've been prepping a model and doing some pencilwork on the Classic Shire. I should have more photos of him next week.
I've had a lot of trouble photographing this mini-Maj, but these two photos are probably the closest to the actual color so far, at least on my screen. He's kind of a silvery-gray grullo, there's not a lot of yellow in him. His mane and tail are going to look really cool, I can't wait to finish this guy. I'm dying to paint the eyes, but I still have some other things to do before I get to that point.

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elf said...

I absolutely ADORE his shading Carol. Fantastic! Silvery-grulla works for me!