Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hmm, let's see, what to show this week? Here is a photo of some models sitting in my airbrush station:

This doesn't mean they will be airbrushed necessarily, I just put them here after spraying with primer because there is an exhaust fan behind them. These are the last stragglers that I'm prepping before I start concentrating on painting. I have over 30 models to paint! I can't believe I collected that many in just a few years, and what's more, I can't believe that they are almost all prepped. I really put my nose to the grindstone to get that done. The Scarlett Gypsy will be the NAN donation, I'll be working on her next.

The semi-rearing appaloosa is done and will be going to eBay soon, probably on Sunday. I've got several pictures of him on my website. I didn't realize it, but when I re-designed my website, I forgot to put a "New" page in there, so he's in the "Appaloosa" gallery.

Another thing, just for fun, is a picture I took of my oil painting palette
As you can see, I'm very messy. It's one of the reasons that it took me so long to start painting with oils, I had to figure out how to situate myself, hold the model, not dip my sleeve in the palette and then the model, etc. Unfortunately, my house looks a lot like this too (I'm not kidding).


elf said...

LOL, your palette looks like MY house! Utter chaos. I know where everything is but if any one else needs to find something, no way.


Morgen said...

Oh Carol! How cool for me to see this - how bitty compared in size to other models. :) I had no idea personally except that he was near to the same size as Vixen. (nor did I realize Lyn's mini was so small either!).. I'm surfing through blogs to get some of my links back and spied this. May I make a post linking to you? -M

Carol H. said...

Of course, Morgen! You can use the photo directly if you wish :-)