Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekly Update

I've added a layer of oils now and will start with some dappling next. Thanks to Sandra Hottinger of C.S. Richmond Studio for telling me about a medium called Weber Rapidry. It's an alkyd medium that has something added to it that makes it dry a little faster, and it works really great. Weber claims that it is non-cracking, and I have always had good experiences with alkyd mediums before, so I'm glad I found out about this. I'm still too paranoid to paint after 24 hours, though, I always wait at least 48 hours (and sometimes 3 days) before adding another layer.

I've been working on the mottling on the appy stallion, also. I did a small amount of customization on this ear because of the weird way Breyer molded this piece. The right ear was a huge wedge, so I tried to refine it more by making it more "ear" shaped, and then put some mane around it. At least I think it's the right ear, it's been so long I can't remember anymore lol!  I'm going to set him aside for several days to dry thoroughly so I can work on the blanket some more. I'm getting close to the finish on him, I think.

I'm also making good progress on prepping. The few Breyers that I have left are the worst to prep, the seams are always so irregular on them. I've been working on a Pepe, Wixom, Susecion and LeFire (not sure about spelling on those),  Nevada, Equus Maximus, Turko and Tango the last few days.


Erin said...

I am loving how that TB mare is coming along, I can't WAIT until she's done and grabbable! :-D

elf said...

Ohhhh! The semi-rearing is one of my favorite molds. I can't wait to see what you do with him!