Monday, February 2, 2009

New Yahoo Group

I am going to be super-busy this week with taxes, hanging a gallery show and attending a copyright seminar, so unfortunately my studio time will be almost nothing this week. However, I will be able to check my email periodically, so I'd like to extend an invitation to any of my readers out there to join my Yahoo mailing list . I will be announcing upcoming commission availability and other sales and specials from the Yahoo list, though there's nothing there at the moment. I will also be posting an announcement on some other boards to let people know about it, but thought I'd give you all a heads up here first.

I was hoping to have a commission opening for February, but that may have to be pushed back depending on my circumstances. I will give more details on the list.

Here's a quick shot of the semi-rearing appy, I finally started working on his head a little bit. The changes seem so incremental when I work on something that sometimes it doesn't seem worth it to post a picture. I'm still prepping like a madwoman, too.

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