Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Finished Piece

I finished the Little Lonestar yesterday. I'm hoping to get him onto eBay for tomorrow, ending some time on Sunday. I'll be uploading more pictures to my website etc. today. This is probably the last of the mini resins that will be for sale from me for a while, as I plan to do a few mini commissions next (not yet though!)

Here's a Hazel that has been sitting in my cabinet for years, I've finally gotten around to her! I usually airbrush my base coats, but I bought some pure alkyd paints and decided to experiment with them for the base coat. I will give a little report on the paints and how I like them (or not) in an upcoming post.

Last weekend I tagged along with my hubby who was helping a friend with a hot rod project. This friend has a couple of horses and boards several more, so I went along and did some sketching. There were some really gorgeous quarter horses there, as well as a couple of minis. Most of them were lively and actively grazing/running about, so I didn't get many good drawings, but this little mini stood mesmerized for several minutes: 
Hubby's friend also owns a gorgeous (and friendly) brindle whippet: 
He got a little excited and chased the horses around, then lay in the sun so I got to sketch him, also:
That's all for this week! Hopefully I'll have a new picture of Sushi and/or Stormwatch in the next couple of weeks.

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