Thursday, February 9, 2012


Equus Max is sooo close now, I'm just waiting for his horseshoes to dry. I'm trying to use thin layers of metallic paint, but there's something about metallics that makes them have less covering power, yet they take  the longest time to dry. I still have another layer to do on them, too, but I may add a tiny drop of drier to see if that will speed the process.

Anyway, here is where Elsie is at right now. She's going so much faster than Max. I think I will work on her legs or head next.
Here's the other side of Oliver. I've put some color on his hooves. I'm going to brighten up his whites very slightly and do a little more roaning on him next.
I put some hoof color on Johann, too. I was originally planning on giving him a sock or two, but now I think I might leave his legs dark. Maybe a small snip and star, or a star and stripe instead. I don't know. The colors I am using for this guy are so transparent that it's basically just glazing over and over on him. I also have to sand him every couple of coats. I just love that regal face!
I guess it was hoof week in the studio. I want to tone down the color a bit on this guy, and the pangare isn't quite the right color yet, either.
Here's a sales piece I've been working on as time permits. He's going to have a lot of roaning in addition to his pattern, and I'm not sure if he will have one or two blue eyes.
Another sales piece that I haven't had much time to work on. I've just started roaning him. I was thinking of giving him some sabino marking, I'm not sure, though. It would be pretty minimal.

Okay, that's it for this week! Sushi is coming along and I've got a couple of other minis going, and one model that I will show only when it's finished, just for fun. I've got to surprise you with something, right? 

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