Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brush Mystery

I ordered some brushes from Dick Blick the other day, and today as I sorted through them, I found one that didn't look right. The brush pictured on top is what I thought I was ordering, the Escoda Kolinsky 1208 series brush. The brush on the bottom is what I got.

Now, I know that brush manufacturers change their handles sometimes, so that could be the case, and unfortunately, this brush was the only one that didn't come with the little plastic tube that protects it. It's not frayed, but the brush hairs look like they are a different shape than the brush on the top in this picture.

Blick lists two brushes on their order page, a pointed round and a detailer round. I ordered the detailer round, but now I'm thinking that what I received was the pointed round. To make matters worse, the packing slip lists it as "retouch brush" which isn't mentioned anywhere on the order page.
Here's a closeup of the two brushes. Again, the one on the top is the one I wanted. Do they look the same to you? I wet the bottom one to bring it to a point, and when I did that, it looked very similar to the top one, but still, to my eye the base of the brush hairs on the bottom brush looks a little thicker than the base of the top brush. Blick lists the mm size of the brush, but the smallest unit that shows on any of my rulers is 1mm which is too big.

I called Blick and the CS rep insisted that I got the right brush, but I really don't know. This is a frustrating aspect of ordering things online; if there's a problem there's almost no way to figure out the truth. I went to Escoda's web site, but all of their pictures show a brush that looks like the top brush, and they are based in Spain so I'm not sure what kind of response I will get to any questions I might have.

 I can still use the brush, but next time I have to order I'm going to hesitate to order this brand because I don't know what I'm going to get. 
These brushes are not cheap and I don't want to spend money on something when I'm not positive I'm going to get the right thing.


Marianna S. said...

Could you take it to the Dick Blick on Cap Hill and exchange it if they carry them? I know it's a pain to get there, but I believe they have parking in the back of the building. Even if they don't have it you might have better luck talking to someone in person.

Carol said...

I hadn't really thought of that, thanks Marianna. I did call Blick when they first opened in Seattle and asked them if I could order from their catalog and pick it up in person and they said no, so I will have to check with them again before I make a run down there.