Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weekly Update

I was sick  last week so I lost a couple of days in the studio. I did manage to get some work done though:
Here's the Rose Reiner with some more work done on his hip, shoulder, and legs. You can finally see that he's going to be a roan!
I worked a little overall on Turko, there will be more dappling on his hindquarters so it won't look that stark, but I needed to emphasize some of the darks before I went forward.
Hank is starting to come together now.
This is still the first layer of Equus Maximus, he still looks really terrible. Of course those lines won't be on there when he's done. He's got some reverse dappling, and I noticed that one side's dappling is bigger than the other's, so I will need to fix that.
That's about all for this week. I completely spaced out and forgot that NAN was last week, I don't know if any of my pieces were there. Congratulations to all the winners and I hope it was a great time for everyone :-)

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