Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sushi is close to being finished now, I still need to work on her mane/tail and eyes, I think, and a couple of things I need to touch up. I might do a little more to the dapples, also. I think she photographs best from this angle, from the side she ends up looking a little distorted (even though she's not).
I've gone back and forth on the whites and body color on Hank, I'm letting him sit to dry for a bit before I work on him some more.
Turko's mane and tail won't be so garish when he's done, I usually just lay down a color and see how it looks relative to the rest of the piece. He's only got a couple of layers on him so far.

That's all the photos I've got this week, I took photos of Equus Maximus, who has one layer of roaning done on one side, but there was a lot of glare and you could barely see it, so maybe I will try again next week. He is really kicking my butt!


Jenn Scott said...

Sushi is looking A-MAZ-ING!!!! You really nailed the roaning and face! Can't wait to see her finished!

Becky Turner said...

wow carol. I agree with jenn that sushi is awseome.. I love her soft look all real looking to me! I have got to get you to paint one of my sculpts.. we need to talk! I have a new piece coming out soon..