Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weekly Update

Sushi has a simple airbrushed basecoat and a thin layer of oils on her now.
I worked some on the dapples on Mercurio. He still looks a little polka-dotted and regimented at this point.
I got a chance to work a bit on this Mini Nahar. He's going to be a straight bay. It was really relaxing to just put some paint on and blend it, and not have to worry so much about hair growth, patterns, size of dapples, etc.

I'm still debating what color to paint my Stormwatch. I'm leaning towards roan right now. When I look at him, I see pinto, but I don't know. I could do a roan pinto, but I'm just not sure. So indecisive!
That's it for this week :-)


Braymere said...

Oh, I love the Sushi already! She is going to be amazing.

Libbie H. said...

I love how Sushi is looking!