Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekly Update

I've been working a lot on Ravenhill, refining his color and blanket. I also worked on his mane and tail some more. I plan on working on his head and legs a little more, and his blanket still needs a little more coverage. I have barely touched his feet yet.

Here's Lajjina's offside, I've worked some more on her overall color and I felt that her light areas were getting a little too yellow, so I'm starting to tone that down.

Finn has had some major work done to his coloring. I felt that he was getting too reddish and brash-looking, I'm going for a more subtle look on him.

Those are the three pieces I've worked on the most over the last week, as well as continuing prepwork on a couple of other pieces. I will probably remain focused on these three pieces for a little while.

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HorseAndPony said...

My daughter and I love receiving your updates. Ravenhill looks great.