Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Semi-Rearing Appy

I'm still slogging away on this guy. I still have more work to do on the blanket pattern, and then I'll probably go in with oils for the color. I'm in one of those "only-work-on-this-one" moods, so most of my time last week was spent on this model.

I did fill in the leg holes on the PAS, and have been prepping a few models, like a Classic Arab Foal, a Huck Bey, and a mini-Caprice. I have about 15 models on hand that I would really like to get prepped this year, some of them have been sitting around for years waiting for my attention. I don't understand how other people can work so quickly; I have yet to figure out a productive method to work. I tend to go over things a couple of times, or maybe I take unnecessary steps, I don't know. I like each piece to be individual so I don't think about doing several bays at once using the same body color or anything like that, though I may have to start thinking that way, or at least thinking in small groups of colors.

I'm still trying to get the eye and ear right again on the medallion, no picture of that this week!

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