Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Misc Stuff

Here's the little Imp commission I'm working on. He's going to be a minimal pinto, so I think I'm going to make his front legs white and also  a patch over his shoulder. I wanted to have at least one leg without white to show the soft shading on his legs, but I wasn't positive that was something that happened with tobianos, even minimal ones. I had to search for a while, but I did find a photo reference of a minimal pinto with only two white legs, so I know it's possible. Here's the other side:
And here are a couple more commissions in different stages of prep:
I also bought a bottle of Lascaux White Acrylics:
I think this is the stuff that I had heard Jaime Baker recommend. I have to say: I love it! It's very opaque and covers in just a few layers. So convenient! It brushes out beautifully and has a matte finish. I'm using it on the base layers of Hazel before I lay in a more "natural" white, not one so blindingly bright as this.
I also got a box of Super Sculpey to play around with. I haven't used it before, but I like the feel of it. I'm going to use it just for fun and to practice manes/tails. 


Jenn Scott said...

I'm going to have to buy some of that white acrylic now! The sculpey is my favorite medium now to work with on original sculptures. I love it for manes and tails, but I'll warn you I only feel comfortable using it to sculpt things I'm going to mold and recast in resin. I don't feel it's strong enough to hold up by itself long-term-wise for a custom job on a resin that will just get painted. It also tends to lift away from the resin.

Carol said...

Thanks for that info about the sculpey, Jenn. I figured I couldn't use it for customs since it's supposed to be baked, I was just going to play with it. It takes some of the tension off when I feel like I can re-do it over and over!

Jenn Scott said...

Actually, you can bake the resin in an oven at the sculpey temperatures. It doesn't harm the resin in anyway and in fact will sometimes cure it further. I've never tried it for any customized resins with epoxy clays on it though.
Lol, the stuff is like stress ball relief. ;) And I "set" mine with the heat gun too. That way I can have firm background to support the top I'm working on. Especially helpful in manes and tails and legs.