Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Here's a Mindy that I haven't shown in a while. The dapples look terrible, but this is close to the color that I'm looking for.
I've been able to work a bit on Stormwatch, too. I usually save him for last because the roaning causes eyestrain and tends to put me to sleep a little bit.

Well! I just spent the last hour writing a rambling, whiny meltdown but I decided not to post it here. I don't think people in the model horse community respond well to hearing negative things. It was only negative towards myself, but I'm sure those of you who read this will be better off not hearing about it. I do wish that I could speak more openly and honestly about things that bother me, but oh well. That's what private diaries are for, right?


elf said...

It's a your blog, you can rant all you want! Just my opinion though.

elf said...

That Stormy is going to be amazing. I dream of owning one someday...