Thursday, March 1, 2012

Krylon Quick Dry for Oil Paintings

This is a newer product put out by Krylon, I've been wanting to try it for a while but at $11 a can I just couldn't spend the money. I haven't been able to find any reviews of it online, so finally I decided to give it a try.

Krylon states that this product causes oil paint to dry by oxidation, which I believe is the same type of drying action as Cobalt Drier. I wrote to Krylon and asked them if this product could cause cracking or wrinkling, because I know that can happen with Cobalt Drier if too much is used. Krylon sent me a canned type of response that said Quick Dry is supposed to be used on rigid surfaces, that it is compatible with oil and alkyd-based paints, and to always test the surface first.

I tested it on a test model horse, using three very slow-drying oil paints: titanium white, pearlescent black, and metallic german silver. I didn't paint it on too thick or anything, just a standard swatch of test paint.

I made sure to shake the can longer than the designated time. It doesn't say in the instructions how many coats should be applied, so at first I just sprayed one thin coat.

What happened? The wet area became extremely tacky, it felt really sticky. This lasted for several days! After the first couple of days the paint stopped lifting when I touched it, but the tacky feeling remained. I thought that maybe it requires more than one coat, so after about 5 days, I sprayed it again. It still stayed tacky, in fact it's been a couple of weeks now and the white is still a little tacky. The paint doesn't lift, maybe the paint is actually dry under the coating, but the coating itself remains tacky for a long time and I definitely wouldn't want to paint over that.

I can't believe that Krylon encourages people to use this between coats of oil paints, and to spray it into your paint on the palette to encourage drying. I don't know what kind of rigid surface they are expecting you to use it on, but I found it completely disastrous on a model horse and will never use it again. I'm glad I tested it first! I've had good results with some of Krylon's clear coats, but after a horrid experience with their Fusion Plastic paint, I make sure to always test first. A waste of $11!

I would love to hear if anyone else has tried this product and what their experience was with it.


Jenn Scott said...

I am so glad you reviewed this product! It sounds like it would be amazing but after hearing your experience I'm going to stay away from this! How dissapointing for Krylon to put out a product that sounds like it does the opposit of what it is supposed to do. :/

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried the Krylon but have you tried the quick drying oil paints? I don't paint much but what I have done works really nicely and dries within a day or two depending on thickness of paint.

Carol said...

Anonymous, by quick-drying are you talking about alkyd paints? I am considering trying those out, at least for the earlier coats. I use an alkyd-based medium while painting with oils, but have never tried straight alkyd paints. The manufacturers have a somewhat limited palette for them, so I would still want to use regular oils for certain colors in later stages.

If I do try them, I'll be sure to post my thoughts about them here!