Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekly Update

Poor Jezebel has been neglected for a while while I work on commissions, but I got a chance to do a little detailing on her yesterday. She's going to have white stockings and a thin white blaze. Sorry for the blurry hind end!

Here are a couple of closer shots of Hank. I still want to do a little more to his head and various minor things. He's got markings that are kind of crisp in some areas and then roaned out a little in other areas.
I'm starting to refine the dapples a bit on Turko, and I blocked in the colors in his mouth.

That's all for this week!


Lynn A. Fraley said...

Very fun Carol -- I especially admire the contrasts in Turko. Hank is a hoot, really makes me smile :-)

Carol said...

Thanks Lynn!