Wednesday, February 9, 2011

(Semi) Weekly Update

I think I skipped last week. Okay, several things to show this week:
Here is the Paige Patty reiner that I finished up last week. I like the angle of this pose, I can see envision him with tack.
Here's the Rose Reiner with a couple of airbrushed base coats on him. I did a little hand-painting too. You can't see it in this photo but he has a faint spattering of airbrushed white to get him started a little bit with the roaning. I may do a little more in certain areas before I start roaning in earnest.
I'm still really nervous about this Sushi. I'm not sure how to continue. Should I use acrylics or oils for a body coat? Go right in with fleabites or work up the body more and then do some fleabites? Use paint or pencil for the fleabites? Maybe both. I have a feeling she's going to take a really long time.
Here's Dafydd with an airbrushed base coat. The color isn't exactly right but I think it will be good enough for a base for me.
This Sushi is going to have a lot of bling, so I had to add some white to her legs to remind myself not to paint any more black down there!
Taboo is closer to being finished. I'm still working on his blanket and some details. He will be a sales piece on eBay, hopefully by the end of this month or early March.
I dropped this poor Mini Nahar and three of his legs broke off. I was so mad at myself for letting this happen. The legs broke very clean so they will be easy to repair, but the ear is going to be a challenge for me. I couldn't find the eartip. I have had very poor results using the superglue/baking soda remedy, so this will be another learning experience for me as I have another go at it. I think I'm too messy with it. The precise application of glue or baking soda is not my strong point.

I'm getting the dreaded taxes ready over the next couple of weeks so posting may be sporadic for a while longer.


Erin Corbett said...

They are all lovely Carol!

Anonymous said...

Poor Nahar! I hope you can fix him. For the baking soda and glue technique, try to use a pretty thick (not gel, not too watery) glue like Loctite. Apply it patiently in little bits. Also, put a drop of glue on the ear and then dip it into baking soda- that way it comes out more pointy and earlike, and is less messy too. Good luck!

Carol said...

Thank you! Shoestring, thank you for the tip, I will try dipping it, you're right I have been sprinkling the baking soda on top of the glue!

Rayvin said...

I would fix him for you but Canada is a long way away. Poor dude... let me know if I can help.

Your work is fantastic Carol. I can't wait until I can own something by you.

Becky Turner said...

carol if your having to hard a time you can bring him to me.. Im pretty good at fixing sms... but I know you can do it! but if for nay reason just bring him up or even stick him in the mail.. no big deal.. in exchange you can tell me how the heck to get oils so smooth.or are you using airbrush base coats on all? I should do that..I just hate getting it out.. lol ok Im lazy.. there I said it.. but really we need to get together again this spring or summer I need painting help Ill help ya with any sculpting..
Becky Turner

Carol said...

Thanks so much everyone! Becky, sounds like fun, we will have to do that, though I have to admit I'm not much of a teacher. And I know what you mean about the airbrush, if I didn't have my spray booth sitting in my living room with the compressor right there, I'd never use it.