Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekly Update

I am playing with the lights and darks of Alvaro's dapples now. I made the smaller dapples on his back a little darker and put a few more layers on him, and also a glaze of burnt sienna to warm him up in some areas.
 Here's another view of the Patty reiner. I'm still working on whitening up the blanket. It won't be that white when I'm done, but I like to use a more opaque white for covering on the lower layers. I'm also giving him some roaning around the edges of the blanket.
 I'm not sure what base color this horse is. The reference photo I'm using looks like he's got a silver mane and a dark chestnut tail. His body color looks like a dark liver chestnut. I don't know if a chestnut horse can have silver in it or not, or if that is something that happens because of the appaloosa genes.

Thanks to Cece and Jenn for giving me advice on Jezebel, I have torn her tail apart again and am trying anew.
That's all for this week!

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