Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weekly Update

I'm starting to block in Alvaro's dapples, and put a layer of dark markings on to see how that will look. I usually start my dapples with pretty loose brushwork like this, I think it adds depth as I progress through many layers.

The Patty reiner has another layer of paint, I've also darkened his legs.

Here is Jezebel's third tail incarnation, still unhappy with it. I wish I felt more comfortable handling the sculpting material, it's like something foreign. I never know what tool I should use, how long I should wait before working into it, and I can't seem to get any detail. I don't know if I should wait 'til it dries and then dremel into it for detail? When I try to work with it "wet", I can't get any detail, it rips and tears and blobs up. When I wait for it to cure a little it seems to get too hard to work into. I don't know if it's my hands, the tools I'm using, or just my general inexperience. No matter what I do I can't seem to "get it." I will probably try dremelling this tail a little to see what it looks like, then chuck it and start again. A lightbulb will have to go off at some point, right?


Kelly said...

Hi, thank you for sharing all your progress with us, it is so fascinating!
Have you tried the rubber-tipped tools, they're called ClayShapers (or ColourShapers for the softer ones), they are quite good for getting soft lines for manes and tails. Used with Apoxie (Fixit, or Apoxie Clay) and Apoxie safety solvent, you can get a lovely smooth effect. I'd recommend the tip called "andle chisel", as it is round one side with a corner profile the other which give a nice creased effect.
Good luck, and keep us posted :o)

elf said...

0.0 Alvaro is looking beautiful Carol! Love, love, love it.

ArabsRule said...

I love sculpting tails, send her my way :)

Carol said...

Kelly, thanks for the tip! I do have a couple of the clay shapers, I liked the rounded one a lot but I seem to have misplaced it. I think I have the chisel one, too, I will look for that and try it out. I know it takes a lot of practice.

Becky Turner said...

hey Carol, try what I do for detsiling. I use a metal dental tool for this.. the one I like best is a rounded tip kind of oblong.. rounded on one side of it and flat on the other but any pointy tipped tool should work.. I make the shape you want, then let it set jsut a tiny bit.. usually work on another area of the horse.. not long though.. then I dip my tool in safety solvent or you could use alcohol or water.. but i like the solvent best because it has a slippery feel to it and my tool glides on the epoxy better... so I dip shake and then tool in the hair lines.. sometimes Ill even remove a small chink or move the epoxy around a but to add more raised areas or to make more wavy hair... try it.. also you might want to try magic sculpt.. I love the stuff.. its more like a firmer clay than most epoxies are.. I tried them all... still have some of the other ones.. I use them mainly for bulking areas, and now i buy my magic sculpt in bigger tubs..
so hope your feeling better.. shoot me an email and let me know what you have been up to.. me just trying to get all my commissions done and out of here.. lol you should come on up again some day!
Rebecca Turner