Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lots of Photos

Lajjina's dapples are still evolving.
I recently finished this Finn commission. I hope to have more pictures of him posted on my website and Facebook soon.
This Fenwick is close to being finished, I have some minor details to do. He's got some shiny spots that haven't been sprayed yet.

I think I'm going to start in with oils on Alvaro next. This is all airbrushed. I like this color right now, he looks like a red dun to me (not what color he's going to be).

And I've put another coat of paint on the Patty Reiner. He's going to be a darker bay than he looks like here.

Whew! I've been spending a lot of time painting in the studio. Ravenhill is still being detailed so I won't show him until he's done, probably.

Have a great week!


Erin Corbett said...


Jennifer Kistler said...

Some really beautiful work!!! :-)

elf said...

I love the base color on Alvaro, I'm very partial to duns though. Can't wait to see what goes on him next!