Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekly Update

Ravenhill's owner has graciously allowed me extra time to tweak his blanket. I felt that the white was creeping too far forward and so I'm changing it to be more like the references that I originally used. I also started adding more color to the hooves and put a little color on his eyes.

Here is this incredible Lajjina resin, she's kind of awkward to paint but I just love her. I'm planning on giving her some kind of facial marking, a stripe and star maybe, nothing too big. I haven't worked on her dapples much.

I hope this photo shows some of the subtle dappling I decided to put on Finn. He's got some reverse dapples on his hind end, and some dapples on his neck, and then his body has some very subtle dappling that looks almost like mottling of the body/saddle color around his belly and topline. I'm still working on all of that.

And here's a Taboo that's been waiting for me for a while. I have ambitious plans for him, he's going to be an extended blanket appy, and his coloring is a dull liver chestnut?
That's it for the pictures this week. I am extremely busy with appointments and meetings so I may not get a lot done the next few days. If anyone in the area is interested, I will be participating in the First Thursday art walk in downtown Seattle this Thursday, from 5-9pm at the Angle Gallery in the Toshiro Kaplan building. I'm showing some of my paintings of marbles and a large painting of candy bunnies. Here's a link to my blog with more information if you're interested in checking it out. It's a really cool building, you can walk around the entire block and there are galleries on every side.

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Erin Corbett said...

I so wish I was in the area Carol, I would have loved to come and see your flat work in person!

That Ravenhill is coming along SO nicely, your appies are really to die for!